Sunday, May 31, 2009


... this event was blaaahh. Nick Cannon needs to stay off the turn tables, he was clearly only playing the music he wanted to hear, I was barely able to get my dance on. But um - can we talk about the ladies for a min. DAYUuummm. As Bubba Sparxx once said:

"...i found you Ms New Booty
get it together and bring it back to me
hit the players club for about month or 2
put a tan on it then see what it do
get it right, get it right get it tight
girl I don't need you, but chu need me
take it off, let it flop, shake it freely
and I don't tell stories, I let em tell itself
and you aint gotta sell sex, girl, it sells itself...
Put it on me enthusiastically, what ever it is that chu do, you do it admirably
and I aint choose it, that thang chose me."

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