Sunday, May 31, 2009


Party hoppin, double cheek smoochin, name droppin, and business card swappin all seem to be requirements during NYC fashion week. Let's just say I'm well aware of when to turn the schmooze button on - and then off. :) On a daily basis I would like to consider myself a down to earth 'keep it funky' kinda chick. But there is a time and place for everything!

So 1st stop was the 'BLACK FASHION ROCKS" party at Aspen in which Al Dale of The Minority Report put me on to. 2nd stop a local diner to escape the torrential downpour of rain!!! And last stop before I was completely over the drama of being soaking wet was random loft party on 22nd and 11th ave. Definitely a scene to be seen. Art, fashion, eye candy, open bar, and dozens of people with obvious confidence that they walked outta their house looking cool.

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