Sunday, May 31, 2009


UPGRADE YOU(Beyonce) - It all makes sense @ 1:34. I need that ponytail in my life.

She sayin tho'
"I hear you be the block, But I'm the lights that keep the streets on
Notice you the type that like to keep them on a leash though
I'm known to walk alone, But I'm alone for a reason
Sending me a drink ain't appeasing. Believe me!
Come harder - this wont be easy
Don't doubt yourself trust me you need me!
This ain't a shoulder with a chip or an ego
But what you think they all mad at me for
You need a real woman in your life- That's a good look.
Taking care, home is still fly- That's a good look.
I'm gonna help you build up your account -Thats a good look.
Better yet a hood look,
Ladies thats a good look
When you're in them big meetings for the mills
Thats a good look
It take me just to compliment the deal!
Thats a good look
Anything you cop I'll split the bill
That's a good look
Better yet a hood look
Believe me- Ladies that's a good look

Partner let me upgrade you
Audemars Piguet you
Switch your neck ties to purple labels
Upgrade you
I can - Lemme upgrade you. Partner let me upgrade you.
Flip a new page,
Introduce you to some new things & Upgrade you

I can do for you what Martin did for the people
Ran by the men but the women keep the tempo
It's very seldom that you're blessed to find your equal
Still play my part and let you take the lead role
Believe me
I'll follow this could be easy
I'll be the help whenever you need me
I see you hustle wit my hustle I Can keep you


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