Sunday, May 31, 2009


...jumping from event to event in Brooklyn can be a fun but slow movin agenda. While out and about at the Brooklyn Museums 1st Saturday, ran into the BKC crew {amongst other old and new faces, considering couldn't get more than 2 feet without stopping to say wadup to someone I knew}. From there headed over to some bikini attire required party at Yume, but considering no one was in bikinis, I didnt stay very long! All in all tho- loyal paparazzi was able to get some shots in. Good lookin' out!

On another note and different day, here is Krystle, Stephanie and I at last week's opening event for new Brooklyn Circus {BKC} shop, located only feet away from there old location. So you won't have to travel far to see what new goodies that have in stock...Side mark: ya see those red velvet drapes throughout the store - that's the craft work of yours truly! That's what a 3 a.m. phone call from 'the bearded man' asking for a miracle gets you!

See more on BKC here.

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