Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ok - so I'm totally late with these images, about 4 months to be exact...but I was using my mama's cam and that's what happens when you depend on other people to forward you your pics! None the less, I present to you my Nassau Bahamas weekend getaway experience...I'm trying to practice that whole "can't be all work and no play" theory...treat yourself to peace and serenity every now and then!

 I'm laying on the beach and the jet ski instructor comes up to me and asks "where is your husband??", I say "oh no- I don't have one of those problems... I'm here alone." He goes on to explain how crazy it is for 'a girl like me' to be on a carribean island all by her lonesome - but he doesn't know how an independent BUTCH DIVA gets down...anyway, he tries to convince me to take a ride on the jet ski and I'm like "hell to the NO!" and he's like "c'mooooon, you can do it - I won't even charge you, will take you for a ride for the experience and maybe you can just give me a tip...". I give it a thought for a few seconds and I was sold! I knew damn well I couldn't go that distance and not come home with a story or was sooooooooooo much fun!!!!

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