Sunday, May 31, 2009


There is an art to party hopping...and I'm surely not gonna lie and say I've mastered it, but on this particular night, I was down for whatev's! And it proved to be just the social stimulation I needed. New BUTCH DIVA client CC, who turned every head in the room with her BUTCH DIVA grafitti printed t-shirt dress, invited me to an event at The Hudson Hotel in which Pete Rock was spinnin'...this was an early event tho so we were just getting warmed up. From there it was Asher Roth's album release party in the penthouse of 105 Rivington...but that didn't keep our interest long before we proceeded to familar grounds downstairs. After a handfull of cocktails, pole dancing, and schmoozing the room, I managed to tuck myself in bed by 6am, just enough time to rest a few hours before getting back to the grind!!

P.S. Yes. I'm wearing BUTCH DIVA too. :).

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