Sunday, May 31, 2009


"RED LIGHT SPECIAL" has by far been one my most successful events yet. And it's only right that now that the sweat has dried, the smoke effects have cleared, and the sewing machine has ran out of red and pink thread >>> I can take the time to give thanks!

Thank you Tiara Chameleon for hosting, organizing, and desiging this glam fest with me!! I would've never been able to get it all done without your inspiration and input, your drive, and genuine efforts! Collaborating with you has only warmed me up to what we can potentially do with eachother in the future! Set it off on the right ya'll - set it off on the left ya'll. We done set it off!

Vito! Thank you a milli for welcoming BUTCH DIVA yet again under Luca's roof. Whether it's a photoshoot or shindig, Luca Lounge provides the perfect ambiance and mystique for what we were trying to achieve. Grazi Grazi!

Erica Simone! You big chunk of love you! Thank you for your support and capturing some of the sickest coverage of the night (ya'll ain't seen nothing yet!) Love you long time!

Mom Dukes! Better late than never! I do this for us! Thanks for making it out and showing your love and support! Just needed you to see what keeps me so busy over here! Love you!!

Sib! Big ups! You held it down! Can't wait to see your coverage! Thank you for your hard work, positive efforts, and for being a part of the development process!

"Pooooook"!! You held down the door thug life style and I love you for it!!! We couldn't have reeped profits wihtout ya mama! And extra kudos to you for all of your help leading up to the event which contributed to making it the success that it was!

Krystle!! Thank you for your continuous support in all that I do, and all that BUTCH DIVA is growing to be! The showcase surely thrived off some of your inspiration! I love ya!

Julissa Julissa! Welcome to my growing BUTCH DIVA team! No way no how would I have been able to pull it off without your extra hands, patience, and determination. You went above and beyond to contribute to the success and I appreciate it greatly! We will be getting to work ASAP so hope you're ready! {And Dominic! Where U @?? I'm realizing I dont have any shots of us!!! Please send me some! Thank you for that "whip stitch"!! :) Althouh you were late - you were still right on time! Ha! Love ya! Your efforts and support are heart felt!}

Barklay! Sound Check Sound Check!! My mic sounds nice! lol. You rocked! Thank you for contributing the tunes to our ambiance!

The models! OH THE MODELS! Had my phone ringing all next day with people asking 'who was dat who was dat??' You girls rocked- and then some! You were there for a reason and you made me proud!!! Thank you for your style, confidence and for contributing to the success!

And to alllll my guests, friends, blog readers, and new supporters! I am truly humbled by the success and feedback! This is only the beggining! I am thrilled everyone had a good time and loved the clothes as much as I loved making them!!! Please stay tuned for more coverage from the event, and experiencing this development process with me!

BUTCH DIVA's Boss Lady >>> Tiffany LaStar

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