Thursday, October 8, 2009


Alexander McQueen is by far one of my favorite designers of all time! And this Spring 2010 showcase managed to drop my jaw and bring tears to my eyes in a single heartbeat!!! I rose to my feet after the finale like I was there - clapping all estatic screaming Yesss yes yessss!!! BRAVOOOOO! It's the art of shock value, and attention to fine detail that leaves me breathless and confirming why I do what I do. If your an artist, you know how overwhelming that pivotal moment is, in which your inspired beyond belief, and reminded of why you will never give up! Alexander McQueen is pure genius and his use of advanced textile technology and tailoring will surely lead a new generation of art and fashion combined. The details - ugggggggh! Down to the hair, makeup, nails, and shoes that left the models with no choice but to walk slow, giving the audience more time to take in the work and conceptual thinking. I fckin' die die die! Here are some of my favs...


Food for thought...imagine shit like this - but in spandex!!!

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