Saturday, October 10, 2009


American Apparel selling bags of scraps? C'monnnnnnnnnn! Really? They've resorted to selling scraps of fabric that I don't even recall ever seeing made of anything in their stores. SMH. Just a tip for the real fashionista craft mavens, you can go on down to the garment district and get yourself dozens of fab swatches for FREE. Who they think they foolin? I'm not gonna go in at the mouth like I really really want to because I figured I'd let you guys figure it out for yourselves. BUTCH DIVA & Spandex + Chaos gets compared to American Apparel all the time but I'm always told my offerings are sexier, more stylish, and more variety... I joke and say they're my arch enemy but the truth of the matter is I may be theres!!! Cuz in due time - I'm gonna crush em! HAR Har HAr {{evil laugh-chillan like the villan}}

Some body over there got there eyes on my sttizzyle. Proof is in the pudding. Here and Here.

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