Thursday, September 24, 2009


Thank you to all that made it out to the 1st of many Sample Sale mixers hosted by BUTCH DIVA. I set a goal and reached it! Thats a wonderful feeling :))). People rsvp'd and they actually showed up! From all over too! Some going back to Germany, Paris, vacationing...they all came out to check out what I had to offer! {{Smiles}} I run into a lot of people who tell me how long they've been following the blog, love it, appreciate it, "die" over all the content...but they wish I would write a lil more.. To tell ya the truth, most times I have to stop myself from writing novels once I get started! But when it comes to maintaining the blog, everything is moving so faced paced around me as far as the agenda and being responsible for A-Z, that it's certainly a challenge to find the time to even post the visual stiumlation, inspiration and developments thruout the day. But after a crazzzzy chaotic spring / summer season and the last few weeks of extra 'spandex + chaos', I figured why not, stop + share...

I sat on my couch and had one of my weekly wrap-up meetings with myself after the sample sale this past weekend. I analyzed what sold most and what got the least attention. I thougtht about all the new shit I wanna make and how I wish there were more hours in the day and more hands on my team! I counted the money and when I realized I had far exceeded the goal, I sat still and took it all in. Even shed a tear. Sometimes things happen so fast that I don't have the opportunity to absorb until later, and even when my body is so deleriously tired at the end of the day and I attempt sleep, my mind is still racin like a motha'. So anyway, I'm sitting there... and I felt sooooo grateful. First I was like "yesssss!! thank god I can pay my bills + rent", then I was like "fuck - I'm really doing this, doing what I lovvve ANNND making money from it, this is fucking doppppppe" I told myself...

My advice to anyone aspiring to make a career of your artistic passions > Have a plan & follow your heart..

I personally see things so vividly clear most the time that once I get an idea in my head, I then feel obligated to make it a reality. I'm like why dream it when I can make it happen. Why wish for it, when I can strive to have it. Why talk about it, when I can be about it. There is definately a part of me that's very humbled by the continuous success of the brand, and of course another part of me sticking my tongue out saying nanananana, for anyone who ever had the nerve to doubt, hate, or think twice about contributing to my growth. I live, eat, sleep, entertain, inhale + exhale BUTCH DIVA. I'm my own ideal customer. Not to mention my own boss, and I know what I want, and I know how I want to go about getting it. Feedback is always appreciated and taken into consideration. But I'm ruling the world my way when it's time to sign off.

...I was out and about last night for just a lil bit with a friend shopping the market, and I was happy for one that I didn't find anything that made me spend any of my hard earned money, ha, but then at the same time saddened by the lack of creativity in the stores. siggggh. Once a trend hits the market, its like a hurdle of cluless clones. Uggh I can't deal. I actually wanted to be inspired to make a purchase, even if just a small one! But nothing! There was no WOW factor. No indivisuality. No shock value. No surprises!! WTF.

Having said that - BUTCH DIVA is my full-time job. I hustled my ass off the past few weeks to get the rack filled with new goodies. I pimped my apt and made it my showroom. I'm preppin to make my own Fall wardrobe (since I reached confirmation there is nothing in the stores for me)!! I set showroom hours during the week for clients to come and shop with friends, and I also have a few sale events coming up for the month. Stay tuned for details on SPANDEX + CHAOS "THE PARTY". Maaaaan I gots all types of things developin' out the wazoot. Now you got me all aworked up and I'm feeling like I gotta hold back just a lil..

There is a point to the story tho - where there's a will, there is a way, and anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Here's a lil footage from the sale. Thanks again!!! RSVP to to visit the showroom. :)

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