Tuesday, September 1, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I successfully executed this live fashion / art exhibit idea that I've been dreaming bout' for a while now! I constructed garments made of canvas materials and heavy knits and recruited a collective of emerging artists to paint on them, using BUTCH DIVA and the scenes / spectacles of Brooklyn as their inspiration. It was uber exciting and a talked about event for days following! I remain grateful for all the artist and model participation, as well as all those who came out to support! Special shout outs to The Minority Report, Ashley Mui, and The Brooklyn Syndicate for granting me the opportunity to bring this idea to life! Extra thanks to The Dumbo Loft and community for welcoming BUTCH DIVA into the artist neighborhood! Canvas + Chaos will be going forward as a series, in which artists, venues, and cities will all be rotated in order to gain maximum exposure on this creative collective. I have always been a fan of the arts, especially underground and emerging artists, and it only took a clip from one of my fav designers - Alexander McQueen's Spring 1999 show, to inspire me beyond my own expectations. Stay tuned for continuous footage from the event as well as more info on the featured artists and how to go about purchasing some of the pieces.

For immediate inquiries, please forward to butchdiva@gmail.com.

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