Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Soooooo like 105 Rivington has proved to be the Monday night hotspot for sexy ass chicks wanting to take out their frustration on "the pole" (SMH), not to mention the perfect place to sport BUTCH DIVA!! Just last week I spotted 10 fellow divas rocking Spandex + Chaos all under the same roof. Ahhhh - ya'll make mama diva so proud. Stay tuned for more footage of the mayhem that transpired that night....ahhh the pole. lol

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  1. HEY!!! those are hot pictures! please send me the one we did together! how is my pant?? that was so funny but also so sad because i couldn't take him home! Hey i don't see any Graphic Colaborator on the side of your blog!! we have to do something about it! Lot of kisses from the whitie of Paris fucking city! Holà