Monday, September 28, 2009


I had to force myself to take a day off yesterday. Im so accustomed to being occupied that I feel damn near handicapped when I stop to take a break. But I managed to catch up on some recent feedback and wanted to share it with got me through a dreary weekend...and now I feel on top again. :)

A young artist named Mari Lou visiting NY from Paris stopped by the sample last weekend and then went home and drew this picture, and wrote on her blog:

"La fatigue commence à ce faire sentir! rendez-vous au fin fond de Brooklyn avec Marie, à thé Bagel Factory 612 5th ave. Ils font eux-mêmes leurs bagels et ya des cream cheese à tous les goût possible! Marie me propose une vente privée pas loin.un truc de latex fluo…OK! Nous voilà au beau milieu de 10 monstrueuses créatures tout droit sorti de bootieland! Magique un grand moment, en fait c’est une nana qui fait du Americain Apparel plus funky et sexy! J’adore!donc me voilà entouré de ces déesses en souvêtements! J’ai moi-même acheté une robe et un pantalon…bon à Paris je sais pas si ça va passer mais on s’en fout!ça s’appel Diner Malaisien et petite soirée dans West4 pour l’annive de Didier et dodo!!!!"

I'm not quite sure what it says but she also stopped by yesterday to pick up a few custom orders to take back to Paris and she translated something to the effect of she was sooo happy her friend bought her to the sale.. she loves the clothes... there is nothing like it where she is...she wants to be a "big bootie" girl like the girls on the blog. (hahahahhaha) and it inspired her artwork! I just blushed at the thought of even inspiring others.

And other recent feedback...

your blog and label is amazing!
im a maori/german/samoan rapper/artist all the way from Auckland New Zealand and while randomly internet trawling i stumbled on Butch Diva and it totally made my day. keep up the amazing work, i feel like im now able to steez describe where i was once stumped.

Subject: you inspire me
hello Ms. Butch Diva!!!My name is Darshanay or Darsh for have been following your blog for a while now and i just wanted to let you know that all your hard work inspires me to create my own designs.I love all the colors you use in your designs and I can really see that you have a true love for what you do.I'm seventeen and Seeing woman like you go after your dreams make me so excited for my future.Continue to be fabulous and i can't wait to see more of your work.Thanks for all you do.

Subject: Butch Diva
Dear Tiffany:
This is Alicia Boone, I met you at the Raye6 party on Friday. I hope that you had a nice weekend. I just wanted to followup and say hello. Like I was saying on Friday, I really admire your work. I have read your blogpost a couple of times and I always leave inspired. Thank you for keeping your creativity fresh, remaining fearless and sharing your progress with the rest of the world! If you should have any events or sales, please let me know. I would love to support however I can.
Best of luck and many blessings.
Alicia Boone

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