Friday, March 5, 2010


Fly recently nominated me FLY GIRL OF THE WEEK.
Awwwww. I blush. :)

"Who? Tiffany LaStar Rhodes, Age 28

Where? Brooklyn, NY

What do you? Founder & Chief Designer of Butch Diva Inc./Spandex + Chaos

What inspires you? Bold colors, prints, patterns, life, destiny, fearless females, my mother, dance cultures, fresh beats, avant garde, couture, art, love...the pursuit of happiness.

Why are you fly? Because I've taken control of my life, and made a career of what I love. I custom design and create clothes for women all over the world. Everything that I've managed to accomplish thus far inspires me to keep on keepin' on. I'm fly cuz I had a dolla and a dream, and I followed my heart.

Advice: Never doubt yourself and what you're capable of. I always say where there is a will, there is a way. As long as your willing to succeed and overcome the challenges that life presents to you, there will always be a way to make it happen. Accomplish one goal towards your dream a day, and never let anyone whose incapable of bringing you up, bring you down. "


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