Monday, March 29, 2010


Soooo - I was up late last night, nothing new, browsing archive Alexander McQueen footage as I find his work has been very therapeutic for me, and I came across these interviews, in which the number of viewers actually shocked me because it wasn't many at all. McQueen has rarely ever done such long interviews and he's known to be very private, so watching these literally made the hairs on my body stand at attention...

I can sooooooooooo relate @ the 8:52 mark..."do you get fustrated often your brain seems to go faster than your mouth?'s the nature of the beast."

I literally took notes...and here are some of the things he said that stood out most to me...
"You have to think of a way of communicating your company + brand in a more personal way..more direct to the customer.."

"With any kind of business it has to progress and move on..."

"bring emotion + connection to the garment..."

"Today is all about speed...and you have to be a fast runner"

"It's about breaking down barriers...shows are a form of entertainment not just a keeps me interested in the evolution of fashion ...motivates me to see an illusion in my head, then to see the actual thing live."

"I don' think it makes sense to play it safe in these times, the world needs fantasy, have enough reality..."

"if I start off weak, I can't go above but if I start of high I can nail it down..."

"making clothes not just part of a wardrobe but part of a person.."

"a woman's sexuality is the ultimate weapon, a woman's sexuality in any shape of form is a powerful thing..."

"if you choose this life as a designer or any kind of artist, it's 24/7, you gotta prepare to live it cuz it doesn't stop, the more you grow the more responsibility.."

I think the most emotional part is realizing I share so many of the same values and beliefs about this industry and what it takes to push boundaries, with a genius whose mastered it. He even said his Spring 1999 show was the only one he ever cried for meanwhile when I first saw the footage from that show, I boo hoo'd like somebody had died!!! I was so creativly overwhelmed by it that it became the sole inspiration behind my "Canvas + Chaos" exhibit last summer!

...For a brief moment I was feeling empty, incomplete, lost, confused, and alone... and its the constant reminder that I'm doing what I love, I have endless passion for it, and I couldn't see myself doing anything else that wheels me back in. Like 'WAKE UP TIFFANY - U GOT THIS'...I remind myself of all that I've accomplished and all that's still out there for me to dip my paws into...and it gets my act together. QUICKLY.

They asked him "what's the most exciting thing you've ever stolen"...and he said all giddy like, "someone's heart". Not only was that answer breathtaking... but now I wonder if it was MY heart he stole...


  1. I read this post Tiffany and felt a surge of appreciation for what you do. You are one of the most talented people I have ever met. Alexander McQueen despite his success was a tortured soul and his creativity in a way exuded that torture. He was almost too good, if not perfect. Perfection has a way of creeping up on you especially as an artist. His work and your work are amazing.