Monday, February 8, 2010


I get work done but I also day dream alot. Sometimes I find I'm very hard on myself because I'm not getting out as much as I use to. I can blame it on the season, blame it on commutes, blame it on money, or misc other bad habbits that at times seem to be dying a slow death. :/ But at the end of my days which are usually anywhere between 2-3 in the morning, I sit in my studio and just stare. Surrounded by my own work and what can I say but I'm inspired by my own shit! When I shop and take notice of other designers and brands, I just don't see anything else really like it! And I'm not tootin my own horn...even tho I could if I wanted too! BUTCH DIVA and it's Spandex + Chaos is fresh. It's fun and it ignites excitement! It's comfortable, affordable, and makes the ladies feel good. I even have clients that have asked straight out - "why don't I see this anywhere else". So over the course of a few months, I've managed to bring a lot of the what inspires me to me > as far as fabrics, trims, showroom essentials and what not. And the daydreams... about Always working on ways to make it bigger, brighter, better!

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  1. omg i love your blog !!!! i cant believe i just discover your blog???? it is so dope i hqve a blog too come check it out
    i love your collection...i have no words!!(in a good way)i would love to keep in touch im in nyc at the moment and looking for a job ... so just holla at me if you want!!kiss dope chika!!