Friday, February 12, 2010


I remain devastated at the loss of Alexander McQueen, who to date, has been considered my favorite designer in the world. So much innovation, imagination, skill, and passion condensed in one person. Anything he could envision, he could bring to life, and as I always say, where there is a will there's a way. McQueens latest collections over the recent years have touched me in ways that no other creative figure ever has. I've sat watching his shows over and over some days , with the dramatics of his presentation and creativity in his vision bringing me to tears on few occasions. The robots he managed to get to paint grafitti live on a model on the runway was the concept and inspiration behind the entire showcase Canvas + Chaos that I debuted last summer, in which I constructed pieces out of double spandex and had artists paint live on the models.... Alexander was so loud and obnoxious meanwhile so quiet and delicate when empowering women in his clothes. He was a mastered tailor and seemed to do things with fabrics that I only saw in my fashion fairy tale dreams. In studying his work, I'm always reminded of why I do what I do... to have a voice, to make a difference, to appreciate the art that comes with being a designer and having the ability to create. Alexander was above and beyond a leader, a rebel but with a cause, and a genuinely sincere mastermind of creating a spectacle, and going against expectations.

Gesssssh, he had only just warmed up! Who...yet NO ONE will come even close to his taste for brillance. I would like to think he'll start a fashion empire in heaven, designing for the rebellious angels...ahhhh yes.

Rest in Peace McQueen.

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  1. I really missed out on an amazing designer and conceptual artist. These fashion shows are waaaay above and beyond anything I've ever seen! That "chess" fashion show from 2005 is I wish I thought of it