Monday, May 17, 2010


I googled "future fashion" and these are some of the shots that caught my eye. All in efforts to find inspiration that was fresh, ahead of it's time, and maybe just MAYBE- original! I'm so not in the mood for the cookie cutter predictable boring only hot for the moment type ish. I need more innovation, freshness, and fast fwd thinking around me...

c'mon now.

The current dominating trends seem to be studs + spikes, shoulder pads, lingerie inspired, or mirror images of rihanna and gaga. Fashion is all about trends what's hot vs what's not, but for me it's also about igniting emotion, inspiration, and contributing something that no else has. There are very very few celebs that dress themselves, more often than not they have someone creating a look for them and they just roll with it. The industry is losing full sight or the art that comes with creating. We need less clones, and more risk takers!

There is a large population of young designers trying to break thru and make a name for themselves - cool no probs. But resources are now so easily accessible, reality shows give you the impression that you can just walk into a fabric store with a vision and then your a designer. NO! This biz is not just all about what you see on the surface or what's the best you can do with a yard of fabric. It's about thinking outta the box, strategy, planning ahead, making a look your own, technical biz, and accommodating a customer's needs beyond what they "just expect" but what they neeeeed!

Kinda why I slowed down on posting too much of the fashion and editorial that I came across on other may have been visually stimulating but to re-blog would only be to copy and copying just not the look I'm going for. On that note... feels good to know YOU need BUTCH DIVA!

I'm out.

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