Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"What/Who inspires your line?

The everyday women that want to wear it. I’m definitely inspired by seeing how people put my stuff together, in ways that I would’ve never originally thought of. I like to think that I have a little bit of something for every female and seeing how excited they get when they see the color, the prints, the shapes- all that inspires me.

What makes your line unique?

The customized options. I offer ready to wear exclusives in a collection called Spandex + Chaos, however I also do custom designing and that allows me to create one of kind versions and add to my design archive. It’s the custom classics that make Butch Diva.

Who inspires you/your style the most?

I don’t think there is a physical person that inspires me or my style the most, I feel like style is what you make it, and any effort to be unique or set a trend can be considered “style”. I personally tend to dress according to my mood or the occasion. There are days I dress like I’m a married house wife, days I dress straight hood rat, days I dress like I own a bank, days I dress like a dance hall queen, a designer, an artist, a hippie, whatever floats my boat. Designing a lifestyle collection means creating for a diverse agenda, so reality and life’s experiences inspire me to do that.

What qualities do you posses as a fashion designer?

I’m not afraid to take risks, I consider functional details and comfort. I’m easy on the wallet and I know what women want.

Where do you get your edgy ideas from?

Experience. Knowing what’s hot, whats not, and whats straight cheesy…I take inspiration from designer archives from time to time and modify it in spandex, thats always fun!..."


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