Saturday, June 19, 2010


Mind if I go off @ the mouf for a min…
Sitting at my desk with my legs up on the cpu wishing I had a plush ottoman right about now. My knees achy from standing in the same spot for past few days cutting the re-order for Patricia Field, and FINALLY getting the opportunity to get to some brand SPANKIN new product prepped for the next sample sale…for which I don’t wanna give away too much…but may be type fckin monumental steez. It took a lot for me to not want everything for myself! But it’s tooooooo cute not to share so stay tuned on sample sale deets.

On another note, cutting all this stuff and working alone has been quite an experience to say the least. I spend most days with pandora stations of Etta James, Stevie Wonder, Tony Terry type stuff blasting in the studio. Making me feel all kinds of emotions, setting the mood for me to fall deeper in love with Butch Diva I suppose. It seems as tho I continue to take on more responsibility rather than delegating it...everyone always tells me you gotta find people to do stuff for you, find people find people....HA! that's a bigger cliche with every day that passes - but I persevere. Building Butch Diva from the ground up all by my lonesome has surely sped up the learning process and I've only become stronger mentally as a entrepreneur, and even with creative direction. But I must say there are days I yearrrn sooo badd for a power team of bright eyed and bushy tailed go getters. A group of like minds that want it as much as I want it. People that understand the principles of what it takes to grow strategically and are willing to put in the time and genuine efforts to be a part of the rising movement that is Butch Diva's Spandex + Chaos. I go in over time day after day and at times just wish there was a team of people to share the success with- that's all! :) I am my WHOLE damn team. From A-Z. No need to list all the roles and plays thru out the day and night but if I don’t get the job done- it won’t get don’t at all. Period.

Because it only makes me appreciate it all more, I say this to encourage not to boast. Because you really really have to love it to want to give it your everything, no matter how many disappointments, let downs, discouraging feedback, or even return on investment…if you love it, believe in, and can focus on a plan to make it happen, you’re on a great track and you will only begin your journey willing to live + learn. My mind processes so many thoughts in a mere second and even tho I'm obviously living in the moment, I'm just as equally still remembering the past and always and fo'eva planning for the future. Life can take you in so many different directions inevitably OR you can choose your own path. But one thing you should never do - is give up on a dream...

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  1. girl you doing the danm thing, you inspire me sooo much.

    ps. what kind of sewing machine do you use