Friday, April 23, 2010


I don't know what's funnier, Charlie's antics filming me, Sherry's production manager swag, my nerd steez, or the glare from my gums cheeeeeeezin like crazy! But I gots every reason to! It was either tears or cheeze smiles and since I'ma soilder I went for the smiles. :) Survival of the fittest menng.

Share the moment with me....I've waited a looooong time for this... I used to stomp the streets of the garment district all day coordinating production for designers such as Catherine Malandrino, Alice + Olivia, TSE, America Eagle, fabric development for Ralph Lauren... and the list goes on...but now I'm in the position coordinating my own factory production. I said HOTT Dayyum. :)

Slap me five! Then gimme a 20! lol

The past few weeks have been challenging I tell ya! As people come and go, as my buttons get pushed, as orders pile up, as hours of sleep get less, as weight drops, as eye sight gets weaker...yada yada but I persevere. When you can see it so close, taste it so clear, feel it so deep, nothin else matters. Just wanna make it to the finish line if a finish line even exists...cuz trust I could do this all day errrv day! I love my BUTCH DIVA.

I don't know how to do anything else but create and think BIG. So I guess I'm stuck in a place where success is inevitable. Darn...


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  1. Oh my, you delivered. This shyt was so damn modivating I'm going home tonight and am going straight to my studio with coffee, pandora and a funny azz movie for coversation when my honey is done hanging out with me. Seeing this vid let's me know what it's like to dream bigger than the eye can see. Thank you sweetie. Thank you.