Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Time flies when your havin fun! I'm usually so wrapped up in my own spandex bubble of inspiration in my studio that at times I neglect to see what everyone else has goin' on. I'm currently working on new 'Exclusives' because hey - that's the main demand. Nobody I know wants what everybody else got. So they come to me. 'There's nothing exciting about what's already expected' - I said that. I'm usually able to see shapes, colors, patterns, and looks in my daydreams before steppin to the cutting table and making it a reality, but it doesn't hurt to do your homework every now and then. I mean when your a designer, your a designer. Your given the gift to create, to make something of nothing, to develop something so unique and one of a kind that it should only be put on display and not sold! I hear so many people talk labels and fashion as this thing to follow and be put on to, but no one speaks of the art anymore. And the art my friend - is what sells when consumers are looking to make an emotional connection with their purchase...

But enuf of my babble...I stopped in Barnes & Noble this afternoon, as my new intern Darrin jotted down the press contacts for me from some of my fav mags, I sipped chai and browsed the pages of the latest. I happened to actually stumble upon some artistic inspiration. Ugggh - Thank God! And I didn't even have to pay for it. Ahhhh the joys of a digital blog life. Enjoy!

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