Monday, August 3, 2009


Soooooo Bff and BUTCH DIVA model Krystle just emailed me:

"TIFF OMG - they had your jacket at BEBE - the price was ripped off and there was only one left - but your feather jacket that you've had forever in white, the Jamaican colors and now in red is now main stream at bebe's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Here is there's...
And here are the BUTCH DIVA versions over the years...

I kinda like the idea of posting images of all the stuff I find that are on the market now that I've introduced like eons ago...I mean nothing in fashion can ever be considered "original" because trends and history repeats itself on a regular... but surely I can make an effort to prove I stay ahead of the game..."I'm so 3008, ya'll so 2000 and late!" lol

Stay tuned for my American Apparel comparisons!!!! Ahhhhh- this is gonna be fun!

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