Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Soooooo like I know we all wanna love Beyonce to death and compare Ciara to her, but Im sayin tho - Beyonce ain't given me enough originality in her recent videos. She coulda done so much better with that Ego video considering we just saw the same damn choreography in Put a Ring on It....We know you can vibrate your voice and tic toc your hips Bey, but it's coming off a helluva lot more natural for Ciara here. I mean first you wanna be a boy, then you wanna be sasha fierce, then you wanna be an angel rockin a halo - c'mon mama, love ya but you taking me too far outta the element... I mean hottt dayyumn, I been waitin for this video to drop and I don't know which part I love more, the construction scene, the blue metallic, the butt cheek exposure, she attitude - or what!! What I do know is that I'm buyin it with no intentions of takin it back! Ci-Ci - you better worrrrrrrk that ish!

I'm clockin in just to clock out!

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